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Kim Clarke, RN, RMT, CMRP

Kim Clarke

Kim is a graduate of the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy in Toronto. As a registered massage therapist with a background in nursing, she has comprehensively trained in the fields of science related to the human body. In addition, Kim has trained extensively in advanced manual therapy over the past 25 years. This unique combination of massage therapy and structural expertise, along with her nursing experience, offers a diversified and extremely effective approach in helping her patients achieve optimal health.

Kim is the Owner and Director of Matrix Wellness Solutions and has been instrumental in the development of the science behind and practical application of Matrix Repatterning.



Lisa Chilvers B.A., RHN, RhA

Lisa Chilvers

Lisa Chilvers is a registered nutritionist, holistic allergy specialist and licensed BIE practitioner whose mission is to empower, educate and motivate her clients to live their best.

At Matrix Lisa specializes in a powerful, non-invasive, bio-energetic approach to health using the GSR-120. This method effectively stabilizes the internal cellular environment, creating homeostasis and an alleviation from afflictions. Her practice is rooted in a strong clinical nutrition back-ground, Lisa’s objective is to support the healing process with energy medicine (BIE), clinical nutrition, and other recommendations tailored to the individual’s needs.

She is the co-founder of Holistic United, a community where holistic healthcare providers market their services and share their knowledge. Through her workshops and the Holistic United Blog, Lisa shares her passion for holistic health by helping people apply holistic wisdom in everyday life.

The GSR-120 unit is used to direct energy directly onto various acupuncture points on the body to create homeostasis. We do not support any claims to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or medical condition in which a physician's medical license is required.

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